"If… it were back to the beginning…"

"Would we choose each other again?"


"Don’t throw your life away even how hard it hit you.

You, have me and a whole world love you.”


[PICS] 131013 ChanBaek at Halloween Festival

[GIF] 131003 KrisTao @ Gmarket Stay G6

[GIF] 130810 ChanBaek with Suho @ Show Champion Back Stage

[PICS] 130808 ChanBaek at Boom Youngstreet Radio

[GIF] 130808 ChanBaek at Boom Youngstreet Radio

[GIF] 130803 BaekYeol at Mnet M Super Concert

However far they are apart from each other, there’s still the way for them to meet again ♥ ~

[GIF & CHIBI] 130721 ChanBaek Traffic Saftety Song @ SBS Inkigayo

ChanBaek was drunk, caused problems and disobeyed Traffic Safety =))

[GIF & PICS] 130701 ChanBaek @ Hong Kong Dome Festival

- “In this the world, you and me always together.” ♥